We have all heard the expression, “there are no stupid questions”. As much as that is said, I think people still do not ask even the most simple of questions, maybe they think they might be the first! We love questions here at PDS; it confirms that no matter how fast technology is changing, people really want to know what we know. Getting help when you need it can be frustrating so I recently invited myself to our weekly service meeting with three things on my mind: Service, Supplies and Support. I guessed that no one reading this wanted to know what a, “fuser” is right out of the gate, so I went basic:

How Do I Place a Service Call?
If PDS sold the machine and service, then the easy answer to this question is to either call PDS or place a request online. When a customer uses our online, “Request Service” form on our website, email all over the office lights up. Every service team member, analyst, the office admin and even the marketing person gets a service email. Speaking of email, if your representative is on-site, you can email them directly. For machines and service purchased through Xerox Valuquix or for equipment outside our local area, all we can do is point you to the right phone number and website at Xerox since it is a different agreement. Bummer.

How Does Ordering Supplies work?
As it turns out, supplies are not that different from service requests. PDS makes it easy to pick up supplies for smaller printers right off the website. Larger printers require a call or service request if we are not managing the print services side of things; as an added bonus, you can smile a bit inside knowing emails all over the office are being pinged! Of course, if the machine is on a Xerox service agreement, well… there is a link for that.

How Do I Get Support or Training?
It is nice to work in a smaller business where everyone knows your name, even though there is no one at PDS named, “Norm”, “Sam” or, “Diane”. We like to have that first name relationship with our customers, and of course, “We Do the Right Thing… Always!” Smaller devices have manuals and we encourage owners to get to know their device and maybe even give it a name. Larger devices can be tricky and of course, we offer a walk-through of the machines we install. By now, you know the drill, call or blow up our email; we will see what we can do for you.

Printers and copiers do not have to be confusing, and we are here to help. We can even move your machine as a service call as long as there are no stairs involved. I will add some links to get you started if you need to interface with our Service department.

OH! A, “fuser” literally melts toner permanently to the page, which is why paper feels warm coming out of the machine. We learned something together today!

If you have a PDS Machine and Service:

If you have a Xerox (Valuquix) Machine and Service: