“How can we save money on print costs?” That’s one of the most asked questions we hear. And it’s a good question since the average office worker uses the equivalent of 20 reams of paper per year making yearly paper costs exceed $200 per employee. Considering on average 15% of a company’s annual spend comes from costs associated with printing, it stands to reason cutting costs on printing is a priority for most businesses.

Paper, ink and toner are obvious budget busters but there are a few expenses often overlooked that should be considered when saving money on printing is a priority. Think; energy, helpdesk team, network support, maintenance and inventory management all of which contribute significantly to printing costs.

Here are a few ideas to help identify the right combination of money saving tips for your situation:

N-Up Printing

Most modern printers offer, ‘N-Up,’ the ability to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper. The option can be selected on the print settings window that opens prior to sending a job to the printer. This is particularly useful when printing PowerPoint presentations and other graphic intensive documents. N-Up settings accommodate anywhere from 1 to 16 pages per sheet.

Duplex Printing

Printing on both sides of the paper is another heavy-hitter, paper saving option and many printers come equipped with automatic document feeders to simplify the process.

Font Selection

Ink is more expensive per ounce than some of the finest perfumes and the best champagnes. Making smart font choices based on how much ink or toner they use saves money. A simple change from Arial to a lighter weight font like Garamond or Century Gothic can make the difference. A Pittsburg school district saved $21,000 a year simply by switching to Garamond.

Draft Quality

Another simple was to save on toner and ink, especially color, is to print in draft and grayscale when color and quality can be compromised.

Managed Print

Savings can be realized through simple programming changes to printing and copying equipment like automatically initiating energy saving modes when not in use. Other cost saving components of managed print services include things like automatically ordering supplies and defaulting to duplex, draft and grayscale settings. Solutions vary and are tailored to the specific needs of each business. If your organization has multiple users connected to shared printing and copying equipment, you’re a likely candidate to save up to 35% on print costs through managed print services.

A combination of these tips and services will help put your organization on the road to savings. Want to learn more about how you can save on printing and copying costs? We’re here to help!

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