Creating Experiences is a Top Priority

As customers, we expect and buy from those who create top-notch experiences. This customer experience focus is dominating marketing strategies and it’s not just about website navigation. It’s opting-in to emails, what’s seen on social media and all boils down to how a prospect feels about your brand before they ever let you know they’re in the market for your offerings. If you’re not sure where to start, creating buyer personas is the first step and the tip of the iceberg to gathering an in-depth understanding of what type of experience your customers want.

Executives Need Personal Branding

Today anyone, in any industry, can be a star. New musicians are cropping up and finding success on YouTube, chefs are now TV moguls and a lot of the buzz comes from social media. Haven’t yet created your personal brand? It’s time to get started, especially for the sake of business growth. Customers want to know who makes your company shine. From a marketing standpoint, it’s important to help your executives create a social presence that works hand-in-glove with your overall marketing plan. Your C-suite in particular should be in the social media spotlight as well as prominently displayed on your website’s about page.

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Visual Marketing is Key

Visuals including; videos, pictures and infographics have always been a go-to strategy for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing. According to marketing gurus at Hubspot, Business-to-Business (B2B) has caught the drift. Why? Because most people only retain 10% of the marketing messaging they see or hear but when paired with visuals, retention increases to 65%. In case you’re not yet convinced, these stats will make it easier to change your mind and realize how critical visual marketing has become!

Native Ads Might be the Better Paid Option

Native ads are also sometimes referred to as advertorials. They’re basically blogs that you pay-to-place and through ad campaigns can be dispersed to a multitude of like-minded websites. As a strategy, native ads have gained popularity and proven worthy of consideration as a paid marketing tactic. Unlike paid ads on Google or display ads on other websites, native ads allow you to produce longer content that, in the right situation ie: where something needs explanation, add more value than short burst of text found on pay-per-click or banner ads.

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Using Influencers for Marketing

For as long as we’ve worshiped sports heroes and movie starts, influencer marketing has been hard at work. Now, with social media and personal branding, more “regular people” are becoming valued influencers – especially in niche markets. Most are simply experts in an industry and have developed an audience that heeds their advice because they create and share relevant, helpful information. Sure, some have small audiences but all have influence. Finding and connecting with one or two and asking for help to bring awareness to your solutions can extend your reach to new and highly targeted audiences and significantly increase reach.

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