A huge problem in any small medical office is paper. From patient records to billing, paper is everywhere. On top of the sheer amount of paper, finding information can be time consuming and that information has to be kept confidential at all times. Patient care needs to be the primary focus in this business and part of that care means helping the patient in a timely manner so they are not spending their day waiting for care. Desktop scanners are a fantastic solution to several paper problems, however in the medical field there are still hurdles that must be cleared for a paperless system to meet the standards.

Anderson Podiatry Center completely changed their business by transitioning to a digital document system. With the help of PDS, three desktop scanners linked directly to their patient management system saved both their employee and patient’s time. Everything from forms to medical and insurance cards can be scanned and by using OCR, important health care information is immediately available. Eric Seyler, CEO and Evan Wentland, Assistant Practice Manager share their thoughts on how a few desktop scanners and an innovative solution from PDS got their clinic off on the right foot!

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