Despite efforts to go paperless, the average office still generates two-pounds of paper waste daily. To give a little perspective, that equates to about a half a ream of paper per day and just over $1300 a year. Wasted. Now, add ink, toner, hardware devices, network management, help desk support and power usage and it is easy to see why printing and print related expenses make up as much as 15% of a company’s annual spend.

A Goldmine of Savings

Company budgets are dominated by printing, copying, scanning and faxing related costs for one simple reason. Hidden costs aren’t considered in budget conversations and therefore underestimated, sometimes by as much as 35%. It is likely you are missing an opportunity to save but it is nearly impossible to tell how much without an analysis of your unique print environment.

Do You Need an Assessment?

Answering yes to just one of these questions is a good indicator your print environment leaks money:

  1. Does your company have more one desktop printer, scanner, fax or copy machine?
  2. Does your print network include multiple devices of different types and models?
  3. Do you have a printer or copy room with a bin for forgotten documents?
  4. Is duplex copying and printing part of your company culture?
  5. Does staff print in color for all jobs?
  6. Is an employee assigned to monitor things like inventory and supply levels, calls for service or act as a help desk for print related questions?

The Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each company. Some are as simple as programming machines to automatically order supplies, send meter reads or dispatch a technician. Others include consolidating devices to save supply, inventory and energy costs.

When document security is a priority, Managed Print Solution software protects sensitive documents and eliminates hidden costs of current workarounds like desktop devices.

Other benefits include programming hardware to print in duplex, remote monitoring, managing or overriding color printing and ordering supplies automatically to reduce inventory and supply storage.

Put your money to better use

It is possible and to gain control of your printing environment and save as much as a 30% in the process.

Ready to put your money elsewhere? Its simple.

  1. Contact Tyler Aydelotte, PDS Solutions Managed Print Services Specialist, and schedule a free assessment.
  2. Start brainstorming where youre going to funnel all those savings!

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