The corporate world has taken a rapidly growing interest in environmental sustainability. Whether they’re following the guidelines created by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals or a different set of standards, it’s clear that consumers respond positively to forward-thinking, environmentally conscious businesses.

A 2017 study concluded that 87% of consumers have a more positive image of businesses that supports environmental issues. Furthermore, 68% of millennial were found to have purchased products that offer environmental benefits within that previous year.

If you work in an office that uses a lot of paper, it can be difficult to meet sustainability goals. Or at least it was, until now. Let’s explore how Xerox has uniquely tackled this problem.

xerox printers environmental impact offsettingXerox and PrintReleaf – Here’s How it Works

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean going entirely paperless—for the vast majority of businesses, that would be impractical. However, when paper consumption is necessary, Xerox and PrintReleaf have come up with a really impressive solution in the form of a “you print one, we’ll plant one” theme.

Since modern Xerox multifunction printers have really detailed reporting features, it’s easy to track how much paper is being used. It’s an incredibly useful feature for budgeting purposes and keeping office supplies in stock. However, the reporting feature has also enabled PrintReleaf to track the amount of paper a business uses.

PrintReleaf takes this paper use data and then plants an equivalent number of trees in areas of the world that need them the most. Users with a managed print service (MPS) contact can even choose which forestry project they want their trees to be planted within.

Full tracking and reporting that details the company’s reforestation impact is also available. Businesses can choose to report this data to the public or use it internally as a metric of their overall sustainability goal progress.

The process of reporting paper use to PrintReleaf is completely seamless and happens more or less “in the background,” so users don’t have to worry about their productivity being interrupted. With Xerox and PrintReleaf it’s possible to know that every sheet of paper you use will be replaced in the form of much-needed trees. PrintReleaf claims to be the only industry-certified platform capable of doing this—just another compelling reason to choose Xerox.

xerox and printreleaf partnershipOperating a Sustainable Business Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Xerox Technology

Xerox makes operating a sustainable business so much easier in an impressive variety of ways. This becomes evident when you consider that today’s modern multifunction printers are truly multifunctional in the sense that they do so much more than print, copy, or scan. Of course, they do these things very well, never before have we had so many paper and energy saving options.

For example, in our post Office Upgrades in 2019: Technology That Grows With You we explored Xerox technology that adapts to growing businesses thanks to extensible feature sets like those enabled by the Xerox App Gallery. We also recently talked about how Xerox MFPs make remote work easier than ever for out-of-office staff, reducing the need for travel (23% of employees in the United States now do at least some of their work remotely).

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrifice—in fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

If you’d like to learn more about what kind of Xerox technology is right for your unique business goals and sustainability efforts, please contact us today or request a free quote.