Plenty of small business owners make-do without a real life assistant—but modern Xerox products and software is so advanced that after making the switch you might not even notice the difference.

“Workplace assistant” is the term Xerox has given its ConnectKey enabled devices (such as members of the AltaLink series or the VersaLink series) because these devices can solve so many problems for business owners.

In addition to the standard array of multifunction printer (MFP) features like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, these machines are so advanced that they even border on being a bit futuristic—for example, have you ever seen a copy machine that can translate a hard copy document into another language?

Yeah—that exists.

Let’s take a look at how workplace assistant MFPs work and why your company might be interested in having one. We’ll begin with what might be the biggest benefit of all: the tremendous amount of time saving features these units offer out of the box.

xerox app gallery 2019 updatesDigital Workplace Assistants: All About Saving Time

ConnectKey-enabled Xerox machines have been specially designed from the ground up with business efficiency in mind.

Whether your daily workflows are simple or complex, the process should be as easy as possible.

Xerox helps accomplish this goal with built in features like scan-to-email, which allows you to scan a document and have it sent to an email address of your choosing immediately. There’s also mobile connectivity, which allows users to do everything from document management to printer administration right from their mobile devices. How about integration with your accounting software to make filing expense reports a single-button task, including scanning and emailing receipts to the appropriate recipients?

It’s all possible with a ConnectKey-enabled Xerox machine. These are the kind of features that start to make you think, “Wow, that really is like having an assistant.”

Redefining How Work Gets Done Both In and Out of the Office

Xerox has redefined how work gets done not only for staff inside the office, but also for those out of the office or even outsourced contract teams.

We’ve talked about how Xerox technology has made a remarkable impact on remote work before. The key takeaway is that with an MFP and a few apps, your local and remote teams should be able to work together more or less as though they’re in the same office. Remote teams can do all the same things a local team can, like accessing digitized documents, printing and scheduling print jobs, import documents into apps, and so on.

In a frequently changing business world, these are the kind of adaptations to new technology trends that make life for business owners and managers so much easier—no matter where their staff is located.

xerox mfp connectkey workplace assistant appsXerox Workplace Assistants Help With Data Security, Too

Data security is more important than ever before. With always-online internet-capable devices seemingly everywhere we look—including your Xerox MFP—the demand for stronger security, encryption, and access protocols is at an all time high (as it should be).

As an industry leader in information security, Xerox makes confidently protecting your data easy and automatic without cutting any corners. Check out our post Why Printer Security Saves Data, Money, and Time (Plus 3 Must-Know Tips) for a good primer on the topic.

Discover More About How Xerox Workplace Assistants Can Streamline Your Workflows

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