When even the address book feature is powerful, you know you’re working with an impressive device.

That’s why today we wanted to highlight the oft-overlooked but utterly indispensable address book feature of modern Xerox multifunction printers, particularly those in the AltaLink and VersaLink product categories.

Let’s begin with something many users are pleasantly surprised to find is possible—and once you start using this feature, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

xerox address bookXerox Scan-to-Email Using the Address Book

Did you know that you can scan a document and have the digital version automatically emailed to an address of your choosing? You’re given complete freedom over the format and style of the document before doing so as well—for example, you may want the document to be black and white only, or searchable.

The destination can be your own email address, a client’s email address, or anyone else you’d like. For added convenience, the scan-to-email feature of your Xerox MFP is fully compatible with the device’s built in address book feature. The next time you need to scan a document and email it to someone, you won’t even have to leave the printer—simply select their name from the address book and send it off.

Create Favorites for Frequently Accessed Entries in Your Xerox Address Book

Are there contacts in your address book that you interact with frequently? The address book feature allows you to save certain contacts as favorites, which means that they’ll come up in a separate list when you’re browsing your address book. For businesses or organizations with many contacts, this can be a big time saver.

Send Cloud Documents to Members of the Address Book

If you’ve integrated your multifunction printer with a cloud-based storage platform such as DropBox, Google Drive, Office 365, or others, you can use it to manage, save, and send documents from the account. Whenever you’re sending one of these documents out, you can opt to select a recipient from the address book—including those that you’ve set as convenient favorites.

As you can see, the Xerox address book feature gives you a great deal of flexibility and isn’t “locked out” of any of the other features available on the MFP. Oftentimes, that even includes third-party apps, as you’ll see below.

xerox mfp contacts listIntegrate Your Address Book With Popular Apps Like Salesforce

One of the most powerful ways to extend the functionality of your Xerox machine is through the apps available on the Xerox App Gallery. For more information on this topic, and how to set up some basic-yet-powerful apps on your machine, make sure to check out our post Xerox MFP Q&A: What’s the Difference Between a One-Touch App and A Saved Job?

Oftentimes, the apps you can use—including the ever popular Salesforce app—will benefit from being able to import the contacts you have on your address book on the machine itself. Many apps can interact with your address book to give you added flexibility for how you communicate with your contacts.

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