You just sent a print job to your office multifunction copier and hear the distant clap of thunder. The lights dim a bit and your adrenaline spikes as you start the nervous walk to retrieve your documents, all the way wondering, “What am I going to encounter when I get there?”

No office printer is perfect and there are going to be common print problems that everyone in your office should have the confidence to fix. Your IT people want you to feel empowered to fix that paper jam, replace a toner cartridge or even get your job to run. You can do it, and PDS Xerox is here to help with five common printer and copier issues you might face on any given work day.

1. Printing from a Tablet or Phone.

A quick Google search on this topic will get you connected, enabling you to match your printer brand with your device type. Most apps are straightforward: if you are on the same network as the printer, you can be up and running in minutes. For Xerox copiers and printers, check out the totally free Xerox Mobile Link App which is currently available for iOS devices and soon for Android. My personal favorite is Mopria, an application that lets me discover several brands of printers where ever I am at, enabling me to print my cloud-based documents and stay mobile.

2. Paper Jams

Meet Miss Feeds, the guest who always shows up uninvited. Paper jams, or misfeeds as they are known in these parts, can happen at any time. To avoid them, take simple steps to help your printer, starting with not overloading the paper tray. Trays have a maximum capacity indicated by a mark located inside the feed guides or printer paper drawer. Follow this capacity and let the machine know what type of paper stock is loaded so it can adjust. If a jam occurs, most Xerox printers will show exactly where it happened and how to clear the jam on the user interface. Here’s a tip to avoid a costly copier repair service call: after yanking the paper out of the printer, lay it flat and re-assemble the paper like a puzzle to make sure the entire page was cleared. The smallest remaining bit of paper will cause the printer to jam again, and again, until it is cleared.

3. Low or No Toner

Office copiers and printers are much better now at getting almost every bit of toner out of the cartridge, so when the user interface indicates a low toner message, do not replace the cartridge just yet. In fact, this is the perfect time to order a replacement cartridge and keep on printing. When the cartridge is finally spent, most Xerox printers and copiers will have on-screen instructions to perform the cartridge replacement. No need to shake, spin, twirl, slap or otherwise juggle the cartridge, just remove it from the box, remove the empty from the printer, install the cartridge in the printer and place the empty in the box so it can be recycled.

4. Sky-High Print Costs

Printing and copying is one of the easiest places to over spend without a second thought. This is true mainly because waste associated with printing and copying happens in tiny increments and other costs such as energy and inventory are hidden from our normal daily routines. Paper and toner waste are two of the biggest culprits but easily remedied. Think before you print: multipage documents can be printed in duplex to use both sides of the paper and awareness around toner usage will save money too. Color printing and copying is typically 2-3x more expensive per page than black and white so while color may look better, is it necessary? Asking that question while back at your desk on the ‘print preview’ screen will save considerable money over time, similarly to putting spare change in a jar each night and watching it add up.

5. Resources Required

Have you ever bypassed the paper feed tray in order to preform a manual print job only to be stopped in your tracks by a cryptic message of, “resources required”? If you have, you’re not alone. This error message is one of the most common and most frustrating. Simply put the machine is telling you to turn the manual paper tray so the chosen paper orientation, landscape or portrait, matches the paper tray’s orientation. Easy fix, cryptic error message.

PDS can’t always be there with you to fix common annoyances associated with printing and copying, but we can help align your print environment to suit your needs. Want to know how to save up to 35% on print related costs, which machine is best for your office, how to never run out of toner or where to recycle old cartridges? Give us a call. Were here for you.

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