With the popularity of green business solutions and a push to save the environment, organizations feel more pressure than ever to adopt environmentally conscious office solutions. However, a common misconception that ecofriendly printing and copying aren’t cost effective isn’t helping the movement. At PDS, we understand the balancing act between a desire to do our part to be ecofriendly and the importance of a business’ bottom line for longevity.

Here are five simple ways offices can reduce costs without giving up quality and simultaneously increase efficiency while operating in ecofriendly ways:


Look for tree-based paper that’s manufactured using recycled content and has a seal of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council. This voluntary certification ensures the products are protecting forests from harvesting through delivery to retail locations. As an alternative to trees, try products made with sustainable sources like sugar cane or hemp.

Save Energy

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) bring printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities to one piece of equipment making them a good all-in-one solution. When it comes to buying and stocking supplies, MFPs are notorious cost savers since they use the same toner or ink cartridges for both printing and copying. They also save money in the form of energy because they often have built in energy saving settings and the consolidation of devices reduces overall energy consumption.

Not interested in a multifunction printer? Xerox has many energy star certified efficient copying and printing devices capable of putting themselves into energy saving modes by ‘learning’ usage patterns and automatically adjusting between power save and ready. Regardless of the type of office equipment you’re looking for, make sure has an ENERGY STAR seal and you’ll start saving money from the moment you plug it in.

Duplex Printing

Simple math: Printing on both sides cuts office paper costs in half and there are countless options for equipment with duplex capabilities. When shopping for a new copier or printer, keep this in mind. Yes, it is possible to print in duplex even if it’s a manual process, but having a device that handles automatic double-sided printing will save time too. While looking for a Multifunction printer, think about double-sided automatic scanning as well to make copying those duplex printed documents easier.

Go Paperless

Align the way you conduct business with paper-reducing tools and devices to help save money and increase efficiency. Use a scanner to convert printed documents to PDFs and store them in the cloud for access from any device. Ask to have receipts emailed to you and use online tools like Evernote Scannable to attach scans to appointment reminders and automatically find contacts on LinkedIn from a simple business card scan. Other paper saving apps, like DocuSign, allow for signing and sending important documents without having to print. Finally, the Xerox Mobile Print app allows you to print documents stored on devices or in the cloud from wherever you are for those times when paper documents are necessary.

Preview Documents, Conserve Toner, and Choose Fonts Carefully

Print preview saves time and paper by giving users the opportunity to change options like orientation, color and duplex before sending it to the device. This is the perfect time to select toner-saving options like draft or grayscale when printing rough drafts, emails or other documents that don’t require color or precision printing.

In 2014, a middle school student’s experiment showed the US government could save about $234 Million per year simply by switching from Times New Roman to Garmond font. Although organizations won’t see million-dollar savings, a simple switch of fonts can cut printing costs by an estimated 31%.

Looking for more ways to save on printing and copying solutions? We’re happy to help.

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