A cloud document management system lets you capture, organize and manage your company’s data efficiently, securely and, most importantly, remotely. With a cloud document management system, you will save on hardware and storage costs, be able to free up your IT team to focus on more pressing issues and you will be able to quickly access the data you need from anywhere.

Starting with Storage

Storage is one of the most common reasons for making the shift to a cloud-based document management system. Over time, the data storage demands of a company can become unwieldy and expensive with hardware costs and technician person-hours quickly escalating. Shifting your data storage to the cloud solves these issues, while keeping your frequently used and most valuable data backed up and safely stored. Although you do not want to be backing up everything all the time, timed automatic backups of key information can keep your company’s data safe with versioning to revert to an earlier file version if needed.

Moving to Cloud Collaboration

Cloud-based document management systems are not just about storage. Because they let qualified users access your company’s files and data from anywhere, they are ideal for sharing and collaboration. Rather than emailing files around, or worse, posting or faxing them, cloud-based systems allow users to pull down the files they need using any device including mobile phones and tablets. The time savings, cost savings and reduced risk of loss or damage are self-evident. Synchronous cloud-based document management systems also allow the collaborative editing and updating of documents in real time from anywhere in the world.

Key Cloud Factors to Consider

There are many currently available options for cloud-based document management systems. Some are tailored towards small businesses, others to distributed businesses, and others again to large or enterprise-scale businesses. Generally, you will also have tiered payment options to choose from with functionality varying depending on your subscriber type. Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing a cloud-based document management system:

  • Usability. Will your staff find the system intuitive? How much training will be needed?
  • Search functionality. How easy is it to find information in the system? How quickly will results be returned?
  • Security. What kind of security measures are in place to ensure that your company’s private data is kept safe?
  • Scanning options. What functionality is provided for scanning and moving paper-based items into the system?
  • Editing and collaboration options. How easy it is for users to change or work together on documents in the system?
  • Integration. How will the system integrate with your current on premise document management system? What needs to happen to achieve this?
  • Mobile access. Will your staff be able to access the system from their phones or tablets?
  • Up-time. How much guaranteed up-time is on offer? What happens if the service becomes unavailable?
  • Cost. What kind of monthly fees are involved? How do these scale as your needs as a company do?

The PDS-Co team is well versed across a wealth of cloud-based document management systems, so if you are looking at making the shift to the cloud, talk to us!

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