Office scanners increase productivity, reduce the need for file cabinets and make getting organized a breeze, saving you time spent looking for elusive misplaced documents. All of which add up to cost savings that impact the profitability of the business and are often overlooked. But all scanners are not created equal, even though they have features and capabilities that make them seem similar. When comparing cost with benefits, our favorite scanner is the versatile, economical and award winning Epson WorkForce DS-520, a color document scanner.

Let’s take a look at the features that make this model best in class:

Portability – Easy to lift, this 5.5 lbs. lightweight workhorse has a document feeder and paper tray that fold and retract, giving it a small footprint.

Speedy Delivery – The quick scanning speed of 30 pages per minute tackles any scanning job, big or small, in very little time.

One Pass Duplex Scanning – Two-sided scanning saves time by eliminating the need to flip pages in order to scan both sides. And it can detect and negate blank pages so you’re only scanning what you need.

Automatic Feeder – The built-in document feeder accommodates preloading up to 50 sheets of paper for full duplex scanning in record time. A special feature allows scanning of oversized paper and automatically converts it back into a single image after being digitized. This simplifies the process of scanning brochures, posters and other large format documents.

Cloud Friendly – Scanner software works with cloud-based services like Evernote, Google Drive, OneNote and SharePoint so scanned documents are deposited where you want them for faster search.

Mac and PC compatibleThe Epson Workforce DS-520 works on all operating systems and comes with software that allows users to manipulate the settings and choose options before scanning.

Scan Any Paper Size – The document feeder accommodates any size paper from business cards to full sheet width and up to 36” in length. It can even scan laminated, plastic cards and stacks of cards loaded at once into the document feeder.

Reliable – Built to produce a maximum of 3000 scanned sheets per day this scanner easily suits the needs of nearly every imaginable office environment.

Easy to Install – Simple plug-and-play USB connectivity and optional network interface makes it simple to share it with the entire workforce. TWAIN and ISIS drivers allow for seamless document sharing, integration with document management systems and compatibility across devices including tablets, phones, PC and Macintosh.

Color and Image Settings – Color or black and white scanning, document type and output options can be controlled in the software. Choices like color, where to save, and scanning as a searchable PDF are made on the preview window and can be reconfigured before scanning begins.

Jam Prevention – Feel free to scan multiple documents of varied sizes at the same time without concern. The design includes three rollers to correct document skew issues and the ultrasonic double feed detection system prevents paper jams.

Not sure if the Epson Workforce DS-520 Color Document Scanner is right for you? Neither are we until we understand your unique needs. With decades of experience providing top-notch document solution consulting to companies just like yours, we’re here to help.

Not in the Denver or Ft. Collins area? Not a problem, PDS consultants work with and provide support to organizations remotely and we can ship scanners and other equipment to your door.

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