If you’ve been keeping up with the Professional Document Solutions blog, you’ve already learned how emotional responses impact customer loyalty. You’ve also learned about the neuroscience of color, and why it matters so much for both digital and—perhaps especially—print marketing campaigns.

No matter how much forethought you put into your color schemes or relationship-building techniques, it’s all for naught if your print quality isn’t up to par. Lower quality prints can appear amateurish or “cheap feeling,” which can make consumers wary of the rest of the services you provide, even if you have the best product and pitch in the world.

It’s true. A FedEx survey revealed that a whopping nine out of ten consumers agreed that print quality is a direct indication of the quality of service a business can provide.

With that in mind, let’s discuss a few tips on how to get the best print quality and why it’s so important.

xerox print quality optionsThe Benefits of Two Different Print Strategies

The print strategy you use to create your internal documents should likely be very different from the strategy you use for external presentation documents or print marketing materials.

For the most part, internal documents don’t need to be as high quality—a good example of this would be an office-wide memo or a work-in-progress document that needs to be reviewed. Xerox offers plenty of cost-saving techniques you can employ for exactly these kinds of purposes.

For example, all of your non-essential documents can be printed in draft mode, or you can use multiple-up printing to place multiple pages of a document on a single sheet of paper.

These are great ways to cut costs inside the office, but when you’re printing a document, brochure, or any other kind of print marketing material that’s going to land in the hands of consumers, you want to use the best possible quality settings.

xerox print marketing tipsHow to Change Print Quality Settings on Your Xerox Machine

While your specific Xerox printer may differ, you can usually alter the print quality settings by going through these steps in the menu: print settings, then printing options, and finally, print quality.

You’ll be presented with a number of different options, again dependent upon your model, but likely largely the same as what we’ll discuss here. Automatic mode allows the printer to “decide” what quality of print might be best for your particular application; for example, if glossy paper has been loaded, the print mode will be set to enhanced.

This is also where you’ll find the draft mode setting, ideal for non-essential internal documents (or anything else that doesn’t need to look “pretty”).

Among other options, you’ll find the high resolution setting. This is the print mode which will yield the best overall image quality, particularly for color-heavy documents, such as those with many pictures or diagrams.

To find more precise instructions for your model of Xerox printer or MFP, please visit the official Xerox support page and enter your product model. From there, you’ll be able to find user manuals and other helpful information.

How Xerox Office Equipment Helps You Connect With Your Target Audience

Xerox office equipment, like an MFP, can be the game-changer you need to make sure that you’re immediately recognized as an expert in your field. As we’ve learned today, how professional your organization is perceived to be can be directly impacted by the quality of your print materials—so naturally, you want the best.

To learn more about the high quality Xerox products we have at Professional Document Solutions, feel free to browse our wide variety of Xerox copiers and printers. You can also send us an email, call or visit any of our convenient Colorado locations, or request a free quote today.