When you install new office equipment, it’s easy to forget that at some point or another, you’re going to have to undergo everyone’s least favorite task… cleaning and maintenance!

Your Xerox MFP is no different in that it does require occasional cleaning and maintenance, but here’s the good news: it’s a very easy process. Not only will you reduce wear and tear on your unit and extend its lifespan, you’ll also reduce paper jams (if you ever needed a good reason to clean your printer, that’s the one!).

In this post, we’ll explore a few ways to make cleaning and maintenance of your multifunction printer a breeze. Let’s begin by defining what you need and when you know it’s time to spend a few minutes cleaning:

how to clean xerox mfpSupplies Needed to Clean Your Xerox MFP

You won’t need much. Most cleaning can be accomplished with only:

  • Alcohol soaked wipes
  • Microfiber cloth

That’s it! Do make sure to use microfiber or similarly soft cloths, as course material (like some kinds of paper towels) can cause scratches or other damage to your unit, particularly in the bed.

When Prints Are Smeared, Striped, or Otherwise Affected

Stray ink marks are usually caused by the paper path or paper rollers needing cleaning. Open the paper entry and/or exit covers, then take an alcohol wipe and gently wipe the path and rollers. You can rotate the rollers by hand to make sure that all areas are clean. Never use a hard object to scrape the rollers or you might damage them.

Cleaning to Prevent or Stop Paper Jams

Paper jams typically are caused by something in the media tray. Remove the media tray and open the front cover of your MFP. Make sure that you don’t reach behind the paper rollers as the internal components of your unit may be hot. Your MFP likely has a maintenance drawer which can be removed. Take this out too.

Clean the individual parts with an alcohol wipe and/or microfiber cloth. Pay special attention to the media roller—there’s likely some ink and debris buildup.

xerox fix paper jamHow to Clean Your Specific Xerox MFP

For more detailed cleaning instructions pertaining to your specific model of Xerox MFP, visit the official Xerox support pages and enter in your model.

Final Word: Keep Your Xerox MFP Up-to-Date

As part of any good maintenance routine, you should make a regular habit of keeping your Xerox MFP’s firmware up to date at all times. Not only will you get important security updates, you’ll also get access to new features and functionalities when they’re released by Xerox. If you don’t want to have to manually update your MFP, make sure that you’ve enabled automatic updates.

Learn more about why keeping up-to-date is vital in our post Why is it Important to Update Firmware On My Xerox Printer?

Maintenance Isn’t The Only Thing Xerox Simplifies

Xerox multifunction printers enhance workflows and simplify everyday tasks. What if your team was able to accomplish their work twice as fast because they had access to the right equipment? In some scenarios, efficiency boosts like that aren’t entirely unheard of.

Cleaning and maintaining your Xerox MFP is easy. It doesn’t sound fun, but trust us, you’ll be plenty motivated to do it once you have a strong grasp on all of the things your device helps you with throughout the day, such as some of the things in the topics we’ve covered before:

To learn more about which Xerox office products are the smart choice for your unique business needs, our team at Professional Document Solutions is here to help. You can visit one of our convenient Colorado locations, contact us now, or, if you already have your eye on your next office upgrade, you can request a free quote here.