It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the goal of almost all businesses is to have as many satisfied customers as possible.

But what if there was something more valuable than simple satisfaction? Sounds impossible, right?

This Harvard Business Review article presents some interesting data that has lead some analysts to believe that “emotionally connected” customers can be more valuable to a business than a “highly satisfied” customer—in the order of twice as much.

Once you have an understanding of how an emotionally connected customer is defined, it starts to make sense. Let’s take a look:

What is an Emotionally Connected Customer?

Emotionally connected customers have the following traits:

  • More frequent purchasing habits
  • Visit physical storefronts more often
  • Less sensitive to price fluctuation
  • Pay more attention to promotional material
  • Recommend the business to family and friends more often

Compare this to the idea of a satisfied customer: someone who no doubt found value in their purchase, and certainly might become a repeat customer, but isn’t as likely to tick off the other boxes on the above list.

For example, a merely satisfied customer might have chosen your product or service because it was the best deal they could find. Suppose that you improve what you’re selling—your goal isn’t to be the cheapest, but the best. The price goes up and, well, that satisfied customer you once had might go somewhere else to find their satisfaction.

This brings us to the primary difference and benefit of an emotionally connected customer: emotionally connected customers are more loyal.

Customer loyalty is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. These are the customers who stick with you through thick and thin—and tell everyone about how great you are.

small business customer loyalty3 Quick Tips to Building a Stronger Emotional Connection With Your Customers

While the topic of consciously attempting to build emotional investment is impossible to summarize in a few short tips—you could fill a small library on the topic—these are generally considered to be the cornerstone elements:

  1. Always focus on the customer experience. What promises do you make in your marketing materials? How could you make sure these promises are always kept? In what way do you go above and beyond for your customers?
  2. Create personalization and customization options. We live in an era where everything can be personalized, customized, and tweaked to a consumer’s (often pretty precise) specifications. In what ways could you offer more personal options to your customers?
  3. Reward your customers for being amazing. You want your customers to be loyal to you. To get there, you have to be loyal to them. Brand evangelists can be cultivated by showing your best customers that you genuinely appreciate them with special rewards, discounts, or other perks.

What would it mean for your business if you had more emotionally invested customers? What kind of effect might that have on your direct print mail marketing campaigns?

The Right Tools to Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

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