Fault codes don’t have to be scary.

Inconvenient, sure—nobody wants to have a problem with their device in the middle of the workday.

The good news is that Xerox printers and MFPs are remarkably reliable, so your incidences of these kinds of errors should be quite low. Additionally, fault codes should be ultimately seen as a good thing, since they’re your printer’s way of “communicating” with you.

Correcting the problem reported by a fault code can even prevent future damage that you may not have known about otherwise. It’s important to pay attention to fault codes and resolve them even if they don’t immediately prevent you from using your device. (As you might suspect, this is far more preferable to those other printer brands that might not even alert you of an issue—until it’s too late).

In this post, we’ll explain how to learn what the fault codes for your particular model of Xerox product mean and how to solve some of the more common ones.

how to look up xerox fault codeHow to Find Xerox Printer Fault Codes

Since there are many different kinds of Xerox printers, the fault codes for one model might not mean the same thing on another. You’ll have to look up your printer on the official Xerox Support site. We know what you might be thinking, but believe it or not, Xerox’s support pages are actually quite good and easy to navigate.

Begin by searching for your model of printer in the search bar on the main support page, e.g., VersaLink C600. As long as you’ve typed in the model correctly, you should quickly be directed to the support and drivers page for your model of printer. On that page, you’ll see a link titled “How to Search for a Fault Code.” Click that one to be given detailed instructions on how to view fault codes on your printer and what they mean.

In summary your action steps should look something like this:

  • Visit the official Xerox Support site
  • Enter in the model of your printer (e.g., WorkCentre 7565)
  • Click “How to Search for a Fault Code” on the resulting page

Now that you have access to a list of all possible fault codes, you can find out what the one you’re experiencing means. Let’s look into that a little deeper:

xerox printer error code lookupWhat Do The Fault Codes Mean?

Remember, fault codes differ between devices, so this is just an example. Fault codes are typically represented by numbers that indicate where the problem originated. For example, fault code 01 for the WorkCentre BookMark 55 indicates that there was an issue with the doors or covers—perhaps they just weren’t shut correctly. 07 is another pretty basic one, indicating that there was a problem with the paper supply—maybe it was misaligned or simply ran out.

As you can see, fault codes aren’t anything to be terribly worried about, and in many cases can actually help you resolve a minor problem much faster than you would have without the fault code having been reported.

As a final tip, keep in mind that you can reduce the number of fault codes you come across by properly cleaning and maintaining your Xerox device. Here’s a handy guide we wrote on how to do it (it’s easy!).

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