One might think that a managed print service (MPS) would cost more than attempting to manage your printer fleet on your own—but in fact the opposite is true.

An MPS isn’t just affordable. Businesses who work with a third party to manage their printers actually tend to save up to 30% on their document processing expenses and enjoy a host of other benefits.

We’ll dig into those benefits in a moment, but as you read today’s post, consider for a moment how much you spend on your document expenses: printing, copying, faxing, and so on. Most businesses underestimate their total printing costs by quite a lot, often because it’s an expense that doesn’t get tracked at all or is simply lumped in with “office supply” type budgeting.

Speaking of budgeting, let’s begin there with our examination of the many great reasons to get an MPS.

xerox mps document savingsA Managed Print Service Saves Money & Helps Budgeting Accuracy

Any decent managed print service—including the one offered by Professional Document Solutions—will have some kind of cost tracking method (if the MPS you’re considering doesn’t, you should definitely skip it!).

Our MPS comes with a Document Assessment that provides you with useful, granular print cost information. You’ll get to see print trends (e.g., “we printed more over the holiday season” or “such-and-such department uses twice as much paper as everyone else—why?”), detailed usage reports, and the precise cost of literally every sheet of paper.

Furthermore, our MPS offers reduced cost supplies. Paper, ink, and any other printer-related supplies will be part of the single invoice you receive. Speaking of which, single invoice billing is a huge time saver for accounting departments, since you won’t have to deal with more than a single vendor, whereas most businesses have to deal with separate billing for paper, toner, IT costs, and similar.

Thanks to Analysis Tools, You’ll Enjoy a Lower Print Cost on Average

One of the ways an MPS accomplishes lower print costs than managing your fleet on your own is the highly detailed analysis tools we use. These tools track the flow of every sheet of paper—giving you an overhead view of your fleet, allowing discovery of average print usage, trends, and which employees and printing what (this has a secondary benefit of substantially reducing personal and non-essential printing).

Cutting Your IT Department Some Slack

A secondary (but important) budgetary consideration for businesses with dedicated IT personnel is that the tech folks won’t have to worry about the printers anymore, as troubleshooting and repairs are handled by the MPS provider. This frees up the IT department to work on other things, improving overall office efficiency. Small businesses without IT personnel will no longer have to hire out a contractor for printer troubleshooting either.

managed print service benefits for small businessesYour Local Print Experts Are Standing By to Help

Whether you’d like to take advantage of our industry leading managed print services here at Professional Document Solutions or you’re in the market to upgrade your office equipment, our team is standing by to help you reach your unique business goals. Note that while we’re (obviously) big fans of Xerox, your currently existing office equipment doesn’t have to be Xerox brand in order to take advantage of our managed print service.

If you’d like to learn more about how our team at Professional Document Solutions can help your business grow, please feel free to contact us today or request a completely free online quote.