Did you know that the average American business spends around 3% of their yearly revenue on printing costs?

That’s a huge number. Some estimates place printing costs as one of the top three expenses in an office environment, behind only payroll and rent. Considering that the average office employee can print up to 10,000 pages per year, it isn’t particularly surprising.

Since you already know you don’t want to go entirely paperless because of the heaps of evidence that indicate how effective print marketing is, what can you do to cut some of these printing costs?

You need a document management strategy.

Document management is the overall system in you put in place that controls who prints what, when, and with what settings. Having control over these things reduces the amount of unnecessary printing (and thus expense) within your workplace.

Let’s look at a few ways you can narrow down a customized document management strategy:

document management strategy savingsAssess Your Current Office Equipment Usage

There are two components to any good assessment: the technology side and the human side.

Xerox multifunction printers provide managers with powerful tools to assess equipment usage that makes developing a cost-cutting strategy a snap. What kind of documents are printed most often? What times of day do the printers in your office see the highest upticks in traffic? What kinds of documents are being printed?

As for the human side, managers can consult with their teams about how office equipment is being used. In what scenarios would digital documents be just as effective as hard copy? What software improvements or training might be necessary to reduce the necessity of printing?

Use Xerox Permissions & Security Features to Your Advantage

Xerox printers offer tools to control who prints what, when, and at what level of quality. Save the high quality prints for client presentations or marketing materials—internal documents, single-use handouts, or other documentation not particularly affected by quality can be printed in draft mode.

Xerox security features allow for managers to ensure that only trusted employees have access to office equipment (usually via username and password authentication or keycards). Managers can also choose to track who prints what to reduce unnecessary or personal printing in the workplace.

small business document management strategyTake Advantage of Cloud Capabilities & Easy Digitization

Using a cloud storage solution is easy with Xerox ConnectKey technology. Scanning your hard copy archives not only creates an easily searched, always available collection of your most important documents, it reduces the need for copies to be made.

Rather than printing off copies of a single document, a team member can simply scan it once and upload the document to the cloud, making it available to everyone who has access to that shared data. This saves paper, ink, and perhaps most importantly, a whole lot of time.

User Friendly Without Sacrificing Features?

Some estimates claim that roughly half of all IT support calls are concerning printers or printing needs. If you could cut back on the amount of time your IT department or expensive on-call third parties had to be relied on for this kind of problem, how much would that save annually?

For most businesses, it’s quite a lot.

When you choose to use user-friendly, state of the art Xerox office equipment, you eliminate unnecessary complexities and replace them with easy-to-understand yet robust user interfaces and feature sets. If you’d like to speak to an expert at Professional Document Solutions about how Xerox products can save your workplace time and money, please visit one of our many convenient locations or contact us today. You may also request a free zero-pressure quote.