If you’re the owner of a Xerox multifunction printer, you’ll want Xerox’s ConnectKey technology at your fingertips.

Launched in 2013 and growing from strength to strength, ConnectKey is a McAfee-secured software system that lets you scan and upload documents to the cloud, send documents, and print safely from mobile devices.

The software does this by transforming your MFP from a printing device into a safe and secure central network, hub – and it’s not hard to see the benefits in terms of convenience, efficiency, and reduced resource needs.

Embrace the mobile revolution

Printing and scanning has traditionally had a highly manual component, making it expensive in terms of personnel time costs – not to mention the network infrastructure costs involved.

With ConnectKey’s wireless capability, your staff can print, scan and send not just from their computers, but also from mobile and tablet devices across the company network. With functionality such as Apple Air Print, printing and sending from a personal mobile device can be as easy as a touch of a button.

ConnectKey’s mobile-friendly capability makes it a winner with on-the-go workers undertaking tasks from their mobile devices while commuting, in meetings, or when faced with a moment of downtime.

Improve workflow processes

With ConnectKey, huge improvements in workflow processes are possible as well. Documents can be scanned into your Xerox MFP, then shared directly to cloud services such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, SalesForce, or Office 365 for storage and easy access. With ConnectKey, your MFP becomes a one-stop document shop.

And things are good for the IT department as well. Not only can printer configurations be simply copied across all network MFPs, reducing set-up and provisioning time, but user-specific permissions can be easily set by IT admin staff.

Get app happy

ConnectKey’s developer API means that additional applications relevant to your company processes or requirements can be easily written and embedded into your Xerox MFP – without the need for additional IT infrastructure or software packages.

If there are company processes you find yourself repeating, such as printing invoices, scanning claims, or employee expense reporting, consider the potential long-term time and cost savings of a ConnectKey app.

Keep your data safe

With its embedded security from industry leader McAfee, ConnectKey keeps your company’s – and clients – files safe.

Not only do ConnectKey users have the peace of mind of the McAfee technology, which allows only pre-approved, safe documents and functions to be executed from authorized devices, but they benefit from an additional security layer courtesy of Ciscos TrustSec.

Get Connected

For SMEs dealing with unwieldy IT infrastructure and document management issues, ConnectKey is a must-try option.

Able to be seamlessly integrated into your Xerox MFP with the simple purchase of a license, it’ll streamline your workflows, reduce your paper needs, and keep your mobile-loving staff happy – all while offering top-of-the-line security.

With Xerox ConnectKey, your staff can spend less time at the printer – and more time bringing their best work to the table.

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