Thanks to technology, the way we work is rapidly changing. By the end of 2017, half of companies will have embraced BYOD (bring your own device) programs putting mobile devices into the workplace more than ever. And, with work-from-home positions on the rise, flexibility for where and how we print continues to cause challenges for many businesses, especially those in print intensive industries.

Lawyers, real estate and insurance agents, hospitality and medical workers and remote sales teams who can print from laptops, phones and tablets have an advantage in the field. For the rest of us, printing to our office from home or between company locations makes mobile printing a time saver.

Wondering if mobile printing will make a difference in your organization? Let’s look at how it benefits others:

Meeting with clients

Perhaps an important client is meeting at your office for a quarterly review. During the meeting, they have a document they want to print and share. No problem. Your printer is mobile ready. The client can send the document in email to your office printer and retrieve it there.

Reduction in hardware costs

Before mobile printing, it was necessary to have a document on a computer connected to a printer before printing. Easy if you’re working on a desktop, cumbersome if you’re on the move. Mobile printing capabilities reduce the need for laptops and thumb or external hard drives. Documents stored securely in the cloud can be sent to a nearby mobile enabled printer from any device via email or a mobile printing app.

All the Printing, none of the networking

Small to mid-sized organizations often outsource IT services because they’re not needed continually. Adding a printer to a network and computers to the printer takes someone with technology networking skills. With mobile printing, documents can be sent to a shared printer from any device, even a desktop computer, without involving any changes to network infrastructure.

Field staff and hospitality

Sales and maintenance teams in the field are downsizing to tablets, reducing the need for heavy, more expensive laptops. If an invoice is created or a contract signed in the field, it can easily be sent back to the office for printing and processing. Likewise, hotel and restaurant staff are checking guests in and taking orders on a tablet and sending the information to print in the back office or kitchen, saving time for customers.

There’s an app for that!

An InfoTrends survey revealed that not knowing where to find a printer is one of the most significant barriers to engaging in mobile printing. Problem solved. The Xerox Mobile Link App brings flexibility to printing when users don’t have easy access to a printer. It’s as easy as opening the App, selecting the document and using the locate services to tell you the nearest printer to your current location. Choose printing specifications, start the print job and go to the location to retrieve documents. Easy!

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