Xerox multifunction printers already offer several useful workflow applications from the user interface on the machine. However, since most of us do not walk around with a multifunction device in our pocket, a new and free application for smart phones has enabled all of us in the office to go mobile with our documents like never before.

Xerox Mobile Link is a totally free app that is currently available for iOS devices with Android device functionality coming later in 2015. Once the app is downloaded from the Apple Store, paring a phone or tablet occurs automatically through device discovery on the network, making set-up easy. The interface uses one-touch workflows enabling mobile users to scan, email, fax and print from their phone or tablet minimizing time and hassle when creating digital documents. Workflows can be created for scanning documents and photos to local folders, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud Services and Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive in either PDF or JPEG formats.

The application actually controls the multifunction device with the scan initiated by the mobile device and routing of the scanned document to the preselected destination with a copy saved to the users device for retrieval anywhere to print or forward. The number of scanned documents on a user’s device is limited only by their space available and unlike other apps, there is never a cost associated with per-page scanning or printing; Xerox Mobile Link costs you nothing. When you are ready to capture the power of your office multifunction printer and go mobile with your documents, change the way you work and check out Xerox Mobile Link.

Download Xerox Mobile Link on the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad versions.