Finding the edge that nudges your company ahead of the competition is on the mind of every business we work with. It’s on our minds too and that’s why we want to share a little secret about green marketing.

What is green marketing?
Green marketing utilizes your dedication to sustainability as a reason for consumers to do business with you. According to the Small Business Administration, adding it to your strategy enhances brand image and helps secure business with the increasing number of environmentally concerned buyers.

Green marketing matters
What will business be like in 2020? Five years ago, Intuit released a report designed to answer that question. It included predictions; an increased emphasis on buying locally, priority focus on work-life balance and customers taking control of their buying process, all of which are prominent conversations today. One prediction is an area where Professional Document Solutions can help customers stay ahead of the curve. According to the Intuit2020 Report, in five years, sustainability will be a competitive requirement.

Show your green before you have to
It’s likely you’re already green in many ways, but do your customers and prospects know? If not, would that knowledge impact the amount of business they do with you or send your way? Studies say, yes.

Ecopreneur, an Australian based consulting firm, showed 31% of their survey respondents are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products and services. Couple that with results from a joint study between ebay, Bank of America, UPS and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity and the picture gets clearer. Their 1300 small business participants agreed that green initiatives are a deciding factor in customers continuing to support them and 60% said recycling tops the list of simple ways to contribute.

Leverage sustainability to impact your bottom line
Xerox is a leader in green marketing. They take it seriously, measure it, report on it and actively create ways to collaborate with consumers to make big differences. For example, in the past 20 years through the toner cartridge recycling program, we’ve saved 145 Million pounds of waste from dying slowly in a landfill. That’s the equivalent of 45,312 average sized cars worth of toner cartridges. Impressive.

It’s simple to recycle toner cartridges through Xerox
The Xerox Green World Alliance toner cartridge recycling program is simple. Go online, check to see the items on the take-back list, order boxes (or use your own), request a Xerox pre-paid shipping label and call UPS to pick up the package.

Last step
Then, use your participation in sustainable activities like this to promote your commitment to being an environmentally conscious business. Post about it on social media, blog about it for your website and let your customers know all the big and small ways you’re dedicated to sustainability. Doing so will not only help your business grow but ultimately helps you remain current with a buyer’s growing desire to support companies that positively impact our environment.

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