Have you ever been told that “traditional” print marketing is ineffective because everyone’s on email and social media these days?

There’s no nice way to put this… the person who told you that is wrong.

Like, really wrong.

There’s a number of lies, untruths, myths, and misconceptions about print direct mail that really cropped up over the past decade or so, and it’s hugely frustrating.

Or incredibly profitable, assuming you’re using print marketing and your competitors aren’t.

(If you’re at all conspiratorially minded, that might make you wonder…)

Let’s dig into some of these direct mail myths and get them debunked once and for all—your bottom line will thank you.

We’ll begin with the most important misconception:

small business print marketing statisticsThe Biggest Lie of Them All (The “It Doesn’t Work Like it Used To” Myth)

Here’s the one that gets people into the most trouble: assuming that the response rate to direct print mail isn’t good at all, isn’t as good as email, doesn’t work as well as it used to before the advent of the internet, etc.

These ideas are all easily proven false the moment you take a look at some raw, hard data. The Data & Marketing Association did a study in 2017 which tracked the average response rate of print direct mail and compared it to email.

After everything you’ve been lead to believe, you’d think that email would come out on top, right? It’s so much easier, faster, and more convenient… right?

Average email response rate: 0.6%.

Average print mail response rate: 5.1%.

Talk about a huge difference. There have been a number of studies from different outfits on the average response rate of print mail—the lowest we’ve seen in recent memory is 4.4%—but it’s always higher than email.

Moral of the story? Don’t go paperless.

Myth: Print Direct Mail is a Lot More Difficult Than Email

If it was the mid-90s that might be the case, but thanks to modern Xerox printing technology, if you can manage to slap together an email, it’s pretty likely you’ll be able to create your own print direct mail.

Print mailers are also a whole heck of a lot cheaper than they used to be, considering that the equipment necessary is so affordable that even small businesses can produce their mailers in-house.

modern print marketing techniquesMyth: Print Mailers Can’t Be Personalized Like Email

Have you ever heard of variable data printing? Xerox technology allows you to customize any element of your print direct mail just like you can with an email marketing campaign.

Really, anything—first names, locations, time sensitive data, and even images can be customized based on your dataset.

Have You Developed a Print Marketing Strategy Yet?

The key takeaway from this post should be this: print direct mail works.

Not only does it work, it works a lot better than most folks (like your competition?) would have you believe—if you do it right.

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