Did you know that properly implemented printer security can do more than just secure your data?

It can also save time and money.

We’ll explain why exactly that is in just a moment, plus in this post you’re also going to get three other really neat Xerox printer security tips to help maximize data safety and office efficiency.

Last year was noteworthy in the information security world because it seemed like there was one major hack or data leak after another—it just didn’t end: Equifax, Yahoo, Uber, and even Whole Foods were impacted by data breaches.

The first half of 2018 has thus far seen a decline in data breaches, but there were still nearly 700 reported breaches in the first three months of the year, over 50% of which took place in the business sector. Troublingly, 10% of breaches were in the medical sector.

Even though things are looking a bit better compared to this time last year, here’s the bottom line: security is important to keep your data (and your client’s data) safe and secure, because the ramifications of a breach can be expensive and take a significant toll on brand reputation.

Your printer is no exception. Fortunately, Xerox takes data security very seriously—it’s a product design priority. Let’s examine how you can take advantage of some of these important features:

small business printer securityTip #1 – Start Using Xerox Secure Print

This one is especially important if you work in a busy office with lots of foot traffic. Xerox Secure Print prevents documents from sitting in the printer tray unattended, potentially available for viewing by employees, customers, or, well, anyone who shouldn’t see them.

When an authorized user sends a print job to the printer from their computer or mobile device, in order to complete the job they must be physically near the printer and enter in a passcode. Only then will the documents be printed. It only takes a few extra seconds and is a major boon to data security.

If you deal with confidential internal documents, this one’s a must. Bonus: it saves money, because anytime something gets printed and it doesn’t get picked up, no paper or ink will be wasted.

Tip #2 – Start Using Xerox Access Control

Xerox Access Control gives business owners and managers the ability to determine who can use office equipment, when, and for what purpose. MFPs can even have access restricted based on function (e.g., a user may be allowed to scan documents but not print them). Your print budget can be better tracked in this way, and you can even set limits on the amount a certain user can print.

User authorization can be implemented based on a variety of different methods, including passcodes, username/password authentication, or keycards. Choose the one that works best for your work environment and get it implemented immediately.

xerox mobile printing security tipsTip #3 – Keep Your Devices Updated, Including Your Xerox Printer

Updating your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and yes, your Xerox printer is an important component of information security. When your software or firmware is updated to the latest version, you can be sure that you’re protected from any security flaws which were discovered and patched by the manufacturer.

This topic is so important that we’ve touched on it before in our post Why is it Important to Update Firmware On My Xerox Printer? If you haven’t had a chance to read that post yet, take a moment and check it out.

Wondering What Else The Right Equipment Can Do For Your Office?

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