What’s your opinion about how rapidly technology changes these days?

Some business owners see it as a burden. At first glance, you might not even blame them. Think about it: all the demands of social media, new equipment, cyber security, an evolving workforce, and so on might seem overwhelming to some.

However, hopefully in this post we’ll be able to show you why that’s not the right mindset to have. The advancements of technology—if you can adapt to them and use them to your advantage—can actually make things much easier and more profitable for the average small or mid-sized business.

Let’s take a look at five technology trends that have the potential to positively impact your business over the next year:

office equipment for small businesses#1 – Print Management in the Cloud

Don’t have cloud-ready office equipment yet? We can help—this technology is quickly becoming the norm for businesses ranging in size from startups to enterprises. That’s not just because of improved affordability, it’s also because of the sheer number of features and workflow improvements this kind of equipment offers.

#2 – A Global Workforce

We’re likely to see more and more firms hiring subcontractors and freelancers, and thanks to developments in high speed internet access, they might live halfway across the world. Cloud print management allows for your entire team to collaborate on the same project, even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

#3 – Brands Developing More Video Content

Even though print marketing isn’t going anywhere, smart businesses have taken note: more consumers than ever before are connecting with the people they do business with through video. Thanks again to the ever increasing speed of broadband internet, video access is easier and faster than ever before.

#4 – Customer Personalization

Personalizing the way you do business is continuing to become increasingly important. We live in the era of options and customization, and consumers are starting to expect that the companies they do business with know them better than in years past. Companies that don’t collect as much data about their customers are missing out, so take a hard look at your outreach programs, advertising, and customer loyalty programs to determine how you could further customize them on a per-customer basis.

business printer security#5 – The Need for Enhanced Cyber Security

It seemed like just about every other week a new headline broke around the world last year talking about a new cyber security crisis. It may be time to audit your security procedures to keep your business data safe. Fortunately, Xerox has taken notice of these needs and offers a wide range of powerful security options for your office equipment.

Professional Document Solutions Can Help You Adapt

If this post got you thinking about ways your business can adapt and thrive in a changing marketplace—and it is changing, just about regardless of what industry you’re in—our team at Professional Document Solutions can help you get there.

If you’d like to learn more about small business trends in 2018, we published a post at the beginning of the year on that topic.

Whether you need to upgrade your office equipment to the latest in cloud-enabled Xerox technology or you need a specialized office solution, our team is prepared to provide you with professional assistance. It’s our goal to develop and understanding of your business so that we can provide you with the service you need for your unique situation.

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