Xerox multifunction devices are designed to make your workplace a more efficient and productive place—and they do a great job, thanks largely in part to the absolutely huge list of features available to end-users.

However, sometimes there are so many features to consider that you can start to feel a little overwhelmed. Keep in mind that the technology should make your life easier, not more complex. With a little know-how, once you get things set up to your liking, you’ll find yourself and your team saving a tremendous amount of time.

Two of the best time saving features available on Xerox multifunction printers are the Save Job feature and the ability to create a One-Touch app. But what’s the difference?

Let’s find out:

one touch app vs saved job xeroxUnderstanding and Using Xerox One-Touch Apps

Xerox One-Touch apps are the ideal solution to automating complex but regularly repeated print jobs. For example, imagine that on a fairly regular basis you might scan a document, print out a copy, and email yourself a black and white PDF of the document. This fairly common set of tasks isn’t difficult to perform, but it does consume a bit more time than you might like.

A One-Touch app is essentially a predetermined series of instructions for your printer to follow, available to be executed by the press of a single app. If, for example, you wanted to set up the scan-print-email series of tasks as a job that the printer will complete immediately when you push a button, the one-touch app feature allows you to do so.

Very convenient! Let’s learn how this differs from the Saved Job feature.

How to Set Up a Saved Job on Your Xerox Multifunction Device

A saved job is essentially any normal print job, but saved and available on the printer to be executed later on. This is an especially handy feature if you print the same documents in the same way on a regular basis. Examples might include application forms that need to be filled out, lists of any kind, schedules, or other handouts.

Saved jobs might include any other customization you’ve made to the print settings. For example, black and white instead of color, draft mode, or a certain set of pages from the document.

To set up a saved job, all that you have to do is change the “Job Type” in your print settings on the application you’re printing from on your computer or mobile device from “Normal Print” to “Saved Job.” Your Xerox device will store the job until you decide to delete it. Note that saved jobs are available directly from the printer.

xerox how to save a print jobWhen to Use a One-Touch App vs. a Saved Job

In a nutshell, one-touch apps are best for complex repeated tasks. Since they can be highly configured to do just about any series of tasks a person could on the printer, one-touch apps really save a lot of time when properly implemented.

Conversely, the Saved Job feature is best for simple, single-document tasks that get repeated often. However, do note that you can save the customization of the print settings as mentioned earlier.

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